1-door ice cream preserver 700l -28/-12°, modell icf61f electrolux, 900x665x2112mm, gewicht 130kg

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727184 900 x 665 x 2112 230v / 0,807   650 -28/-12
727183 900 x 665 x 2112 230v / 0,807 2 halbtüren R 650 -28/-12
727181 900 x 665 x 2112 230v / 0,807 2 halbtüren L 650 -28/-12


1-door ice cream preserver 700l -28/-12°
Modell ICF61F Electrolux

External door, control panel, sides and bottom panels in 304 AISI stainless steel. Internal panels in 304 AISI stainless steel. Internal bottom panel in a single pressed sheet with rounded corners. Body insulation thicknessmm60. Runners and supports in stainless steel. Grid supports fully removable without tools. 1 right hinged full door with lock and microswitch to stop the fan when door is opened. Wide access: 72cm of frontal grid space. Built-in refrigeration unit; ventilated operating mode; SMART ELECTRONIC control equipped with: history (HACCP) for critical high temperature, alarm service, full diagnostic, remote control via modem; electronic defrost only when required; automatic evaporation of defrost water by hot gas; defrost outlet pipe; external digital temperature display. 4 temperature probes to monitor the efficiency of the cooling system, recovery mode is automatically activated in case of probe malfunction. Even if all probes malfunction the unit will continue to work based on previous days history for 2 more days. Internal lighting. Operating temperature: -28°C (at 38°C ambient temp.) and -22°C (at 43°C ambient temp.). CFC and HCFC free. R404a gas in refrigeration circuit. Gas in foam: Cyclopentane. Capacity 60 basins (mm165x360x125h). Supplied with N. 10 grids 720x540mm..


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